You are Remodeling Your Forever Home. Let's Make a Plan

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

While remodeling certainly brings the anticipation of improved living space with esthetics playing a major role, it might be the time to think about comfort and safety. The features of your home that easily transform to go along with your needs, will allow you enjoy your home with no interruption down the road.

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

Things to consider:

· No threshold shower, also known as curbless shower. Designed with esthetics and usability in mind, no threshold showers are the safest and most versatile option of bathroom design. With threshold being a tripping hazard for people of all ages and abilities, curbless showers are a vital component of a livable home.

· Wall blocking for future fixtures. While you can postpone choosing the design of bathroom grab bars until you or your loved one is in need of those, wall blocking ensures that installation will not require tearing down your bathroom and can be done quickly and with ease.

· Contrasting countertops. Save your eyes and choose contrasting colors for your floors and countertops. With 80% of information about the surrounding world received through vision, being able to discriminate surfaces easily, without strain, will reduce fatigue, spills, and bruises from bumping into corners

· Three-way switches, a type of light switch that allows you to control a ceiling light from two different locations, such as the beginning and the end of a hallway. There is no need to negotiate a stairway or any large area without adequate lighting.

· Lighting. It could not be emphasized enough how important proper lighting is. While your vision might be excellent, insufficient lighting makes your eyes and your brain do the extra work and make your daily tasks unnecessarily tiring. If you and your family have varying tolerance to brightness, dimmers may be a good solution.

· Handrails. Anywhere you are required to go up or down, whether indoors or outside, it’s a good idea to add handrails. Zero level entrances are rare; and a couple of steps become a major hurdle on your way to independence should you ever sustain an injury or need extra support.

· Kitchen and bathroom storage. With a variety of pull out cabinets, and slide out, pull-down and rotating shelving, you should be able to access and use the deepest and darkest areas of your corner cabinets and top shelves without contorting your body or knocking over those mason jars.

We protect ourselves with health insurance and home-owners insurance. Home modification helps you and your loved ones be comfortable and be safe in your home today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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