Need help getting in and out of bed?

Being able to get in and out of bed is an important everyday task for all of us. Often times we need to get out of bed in the middle of the night and we need comfort in knowing that we are able to complete this in an easy and safe way. Here are some safety tips getting in and out of bed as well as some equipment that might be helpful. Having a motion sensor lamp next to your bed is a great way to have quick and easy light to assist you in getting up in the middle of the night, also having motion sensor LED lights that line the pathway from the bed to the bathroom and/or kitchen is key for fall prevention and feeling safe when mobilizing to other areas of the home. A bed rail that secures with a strap is the most secure and reliable bed rail that can assist in getting into and out of bed. If you have more dominant weakness on one side of the body getting out of bed on your strong side is recommended. Therefore rearrange the bedroom if needed to allow getting out of bed on your stronger side. Make sure there are no obstacles on the floor in the bedroom such as shoes, laundry, bags, devices, rugs, etc. in order to have safe mobilization getting in and out of bed. For more detailed assessment of home safety and accessibility here at Enabled Living occupational therapists can assist in recommendations on safety techniques through training, equipment recommendations on an individual basis, and continued education on use of the home environment.

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