How Home Modifications Reduce Health Issues?

Did you know that the largest cause of hospital emergency admissions for older adults is due to falls. Did you also know that readmission to a hospital after a fall dramatically increases. Home modification is key to fall prevention and reducing potential health issues. Falls can lead to other health related issues including broken bones such as wrist, arm, ankle or hip. Recover from these impairments require rehab and ongoing physical and occupational therapy. Falls also have potential to cause head injury which then can cause vision, cognitive, and possible mobility issues. Once someone has fallen in their home or in the community often times the fear of falling takes precedence. Due to this fear everyday activities become limited, the individual becomes less active, and weakness begins to transpire creating an increased chance for falling. According to the World Health Organization home assessment and environmental modification is a PREVENTION STRATEGY! Creating a safe environment that will prevent falls is proven to reducing additional health issues. Home modification creates a functional and safe environment to prevent falls.

Here are some examples of home modifications for areas in your home:

Kitchen: low pull out cabinetry, reachable oven and microwave units from sitting or standing, non-slip flooring, and automatic controls on appliances

Bathroom: walk-in showers with grab bars, tall raised toilets with grab bars, and widened door frames for wheelchair access

Hallways: installation of LED motion sensor lighting, widening of hallways, hand railing installation

Entry ways: small incline or decline for safe entry and exit

Home modifications are specific and customized for each resident. Check out the World Health Organization Fact sheet on Falls. Let us here at Enabled Living help you make your home safe for years to come!

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