Equipment you can buy to make bathrooms more accessible and safer

Bathrooms are known for high risk areas for falls. There are many accessible pieces of equipment that can be bought that can bring functionality and safety to your loved one’s bathroom. If you have a tub and shower combination it often becomes difficult to step in and out of the tub especially when surfaces are wet. A simple solution would be use of a tub transfer bench. This is a type of shower bench that has two legs on the inside of the shower and two legs on the outside for a simple sit and slide motion into the shower/tub. The following bench is a great example of a shower bench to place in the tub shower area If you have a walk-in shower with adequate room for a durable shower chair this is an excellent device to stay safe during a shower routine. Having a long-handled shower hose - - would allow someone to sit down if needed anytime during the showering process and continue to shower. This device allows a person to fully reach needed areas of the body during the showering process in seated or standing. Adequate grab bars - - in the shower and toilet areas are essential for fall prevention. The following grab bars are a good option to be installed by a local handy man. If your toilet area allows the room for a versa frame this is an excellent piece of equipment to assist in sitting, standing, and transitioning during toileting task. It is recommended to be assessed by a local Home Mod Occupational Therapist for a safety assessment, equipment recommendation, grab bar placement, and training on safety techniques in the bathroom. Home Mod OTs here at Enabled Living are specialist in home modification and home safety assessments to keep you and your loved ones at home and safe.

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